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Take your shoes off, welcome to the Caribbean…
We cook for you

We go to the villa or private residence where you are staying and we take care of every little detail to offer you the best gastronomic experience:

Private, exclusive, and adapted to your tastes.

we are located in
Las Terrenas [Samana] Dominican Republic

Infinite beaches, golden sand, clear warm water, coconut trees, a lot of sun and exciting dishes.

Might be cliché calling it paradise, but...
Do you have any other word in mind?

more info Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a town located in the Samana peninsula, in the north of the Dominican Republic.

Just two hours from Santo Domingo, it is the perfect place for vacation in the Caribbean. Las Terrenas offers beautiful virgin beaches, where water sports like scuba diving, kitesurf and sailing are practiced, a wide variety of accommodations, restaurants, nightclubs, and romantic outdoor terraces.

Las Terrenas is visited mostly by European tourists, attracted by the beauty of nature spread around, flowers and the sound of autochthonous birds in a village of ancient fishermen, that nowadays share their town with a French colony that made this town their permanent home.

With the great Caribbean weather, Las Terrenas can be visited all year long, being the high season between December and April.

Love for the job, respect to the risk and veneration for quality products

We create, we dream, we dare…

Traditional recipes or author creation

What moves us is to offer you a quality experience. With each bite, we want to take you through the world we have met, always using local products. We adapt to the seasons to offer you fresh products, grown by the local people.

This way not only you try a little piece of Las Terrenas, you also help us contribute with the sustainable development of the region.

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And exclusive experience in the villa or private residence where you stay

Dinner, lunch, events, All day...

We offer you a gastronomic service specially adapted to your tastes.

We want to know what kind of cuisine and flavors seduce you, so you have a completely personalized gastronomic experience.

We have also design different menus that will take you in a consistent trip from appetizer to dessert.

What do we offer?
Our services

World cuisine

ideal for big groups ≥15

We take to your table the flavor of the most well-known cuisines of the world, trying to respect traditional techniques and recipes to recreate flavors that invite you to travel through the palate.

Some of our menus
We serve big size dishes, ideal for sharing in the center of the table.

Creative cuisine

ideal for small groups ≤12

We intervene famous dishes and recipes with new ingredients, textures, and presentation.

Some of our dishes
These menus include appetizer, entree, main dish, and dessert (each commensal could previously choose the option of preference).

Author's cuisine

for small groups ≤8

We create unique dishes and we enter to an unlimited world of innovative techniques and explosive combinations.

Some of our dishes
It's an 8-dish tasting menu.


We seek to make the difference and get out of the conventional

We organize your wedding or cocktail party. We give you the ideal gastronomic proposal for your event, prepare the menu and take care of all the details.

We could offer you the gastronomic service only or the complete planning of your wedding or event, because we work in collaboration with the best wedding and event planner of Las Terrenas, that will take care of the decoration, photography, shows and venue of the event.

Restaurant advice

Having a good restaurant is not an easy task, but it's not impossible either

If you wish to begin the adventure of opening a restaurant, bar or cafe but do not have the experience in this area or if your restaurant needs a restauration to improve the service and the earnings, get in contact with us and we will help you to achieve your goals giving you the keys of this business.

  • We make a general recognition of needs and or flaws of the restaurant.
  • We take care of the cooking and waiters training.
  • We prepare the new menu, paying attention to the costs structure and the sale price of every dish.

We adjust to the commensals’ special needs:
Vegetarians, vegans, gluten free diets, intolerances, or allergies

Still have doubts? Let us guide you
Write to us


What to do in Las Terrenas?


Where to stay?

Tabiki Villa

Villa Tabiki

  • vacations
  • events
  • Complete house A complete house
  • Guest 14 guests
  • Bedroom 7 bedrooms
  • Bathrooms 7 bathrooms
  • King beds 4 king size beds
  • Twin beds 6 twin size beds
  • A/C A/C
  • Sofas 3 sofas
  • Tv 1 TV in the living room
  • WiFi WiFi
  • Airport 20 min. from the international airport
  • Pool 2 swimming pools
  • Laundry machine Laundry machine
  • Dryer Dryer
  • Events Ideal for events
  • Services Doncella services, security and cook.

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About us

Itinerante, moving gastronomy, it's a concept of cooking that never stops: we like to travel, to innovate, to try new flavors and experiment with the mixing of textures to create unique and unrepeatable experience.

Kitchen Tools - Itinerante, Las Terrenas
Food preparation - Itinerante, Las Terrenas
Mis en plas - Itinerante, Las Terrenas

Creativity / Luis Alfredo Rueda Fuenmayor

This Venezuelan chef comes to Las Terrenas from Nicosia, Cyprus, one of many places he went before coming back to the Caribbean.

Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey.

After years of traveling and learning from side to side of the Atlantic, filled with flavors and aromas of other cultures, decides to begin this gastronomic project in Las Terrenas to contribute with a different vision and keep learning about the richness of this region.

Responsibility / Jerome Sandri

Of French origins and eradicated in Las Terrenas more than 11 years ago, looking for peacefulness and a better quality of life far away from big cities. Connoisseur of the good living and an artist of the gastronomic service planning, has wide experience in the hotel area of Las Terrenas.

Together they command the bicephalic team of Itinerante.