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New Year's Eve Dinner 2022

Tasting Menu -11 courses-

dinner, drinks and music

Coconut and salami croquettes

Salt-cured dorado with passion fruit kombucha

Osmotized watermelon with mamajuana, finished with bean salad and miso

Octopus pilpil

Guinea marrow

Tuna macerated in prepared soy served with risotto from the macerated and topped with roasted mango

Spiced goat

Sanchez Shrimp

Black roast (venezuelan style)

Melao of tropical fruits

Coffee truffle with mamajuana cream


option 1

Dinner + Open Bar $220

(Includes pairing, aperitif, closing and bar open after dinner: house wine, rum and beer)

option 2

Dinner $160

(Includes glass of sparkling wine for an appetizer and a shot of rum for closure)

*We offer corkage service (additional payment) if you prefer to bring your own wines.

After dinner / @itslozanomusic

Dj LOZANO : seeks to share his deepest feelings and remind others of his own innate cosmic energy: a conduit for the spirit of Afro-Caribbean tradition to flow through house music.

until the sun rises

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In case you need more information...

What is the difference between "dinner only" and "dinner + open bar"?

If you choose option 1 (Dinner + Open Bar), you will not only enjoy the menu that the chef has designed for the occasion, but you will be able to taste it together with wines that pair perfectly with each dish.

In addition, at the end of dinner you can access the drinks included in the price: wines, beer, rum (drinks), sodas, water.

On the contrary, option 2 (Dinner only) includes the tasting menu, aperitif (sparkling wine) and closing (shot of rum).

The drinks you consume during and after dinner will have to be paid separately.

Can I stay after dinner if I choose the "dinner only" option?

Yes, of course. You can choose the option you want, music and a good time are included and guaranteed ;D

What is the price of the corkage service?

Normally we offer corkage service for wines in case you want to bring your own bottles, the price is $ 7 (UDS).

Can I order a personalized menu?

For this occasion the menu is unique. What you can request is that we eliminate an ingredient due to allergies or food intolerances.

In case you suffer from allergy to the main ingredient of one of the dishes we will replace it with a different preparation.

Do you have a vegan menu?

If you want a vegan menu please contact us before booking as this menu is designed for diners who have a diet without restrictions.

Do you have a children's menu?

No, the menu for this service is the same for children and adults. What we can do is adapt the desired dish by removing or replacing a specific ingredient.

We recommend this service only for adults or teenagers from 12 years of age.

How can I book?

You can book through our website, above you’ll find a form that will take you through the whole process. If you need help you can contact us by WhatsApp!

To make the reservation you must pay 50% of the price in advance, the other 50% will be charged in cash on the day of the event.

*If you consume drinks that aren’t included in the menu price (whiskey, vodka, tequila, etc.) you’ll have to pay them separately. That amount will be added to 50% of the outstanding amount.

What payment method do you accept?

The initial 50% can be paid via bank transfer. You can also pay by debit or credit card, in this case the booking management fee isn’t free (the rate is shown before paying).

Can I pay in Dominican pesos?

If you are local and it is easier for you to pay in Dominican pesos, it is completely possible*. You must make the calculation according to the exchange rate of the Dominican Central Bank.

During the payment process, by choosing “bank transfer” you’ll receive an email with our account information.

* Only applies for the second payment of 50% (in cash) or bookings with local bank transfers.

Where is ATELIER located?

ATELIER is located in the area of Playa Coson, Las Terrenas.

It’s important that you know that New Year’s Eve dinner is only available upon reservation.

How to get there? by Google

Can I cancel a reservation?

If you inform us of the cancellation well in advance and we can make use of the waiting list we could refund the money or change your reservation for another date.

Otherwise, unfortunately we’ll not be able to refund the amount (50% of the price), nor cancel or move your reservation.